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A Note from our Intern

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Hello, my name is Jason Evans and I’m a senior psychology major, criminology minor attending Howard University. Over the past two weeks, I had the pleasure of staying in Augusta, Georgia, and working at the Morris Museum of Art in partnership with the Emerson Collective Youth Collaborative.
On my first day, I was given an extremely thorough tour of the gallery and had the honor of delving into the bowels of the establishment where undisplayed artwork is received, framed, and stored. In the following days that I spent here, I had the privilege of seeing magnificent works from dedicated artists like Benny Andrews, his renowned father George, and folk artists such as Bill Tait and Chad Poovey.
I made connections to my hometown of New Orleans through the works of prominent artists displayed here, namely Ida Kohlmeyer and Shirley Rabe Massinter who made recent contributions to the legacy of Southern art. Furthermore, I was even given insight into what factors come into play when organizing an exhibition.
However, where I felt the Morris Museum of Art truly shines the most is in its staff. Dedicated employees from the curatorial department to the custodial staff played a monumental in elevating my internship experience, welcoming me into the role and providing me with their immense insight into both art and the historic city of Augusta.
Image: Shirley Rabé Masinter, “Azalea Café”, 1994. Oil on canvas. Morris Museum of Art, Augusta, Georgia. (c) 1995 Shirley Rabé Masinter.