Choosing a college

Although my back porch thermometer says 102, I know that the dog days of summer are coming to a close. Soon my family will be racing the clock five mornings a week to make it to the school bus stop on time. My kids are too young to wonder where they will go to college, but for many high school seniors, the coming months will be filled with major decisions - one of which may be choosing a horse-friendly college.

Placenta Retention can be Life-threatening

Most of us, as horse owners, try to be present at the birth of our foals. All too often, however, we arrive after the little one is here. We arrive to find the little guy nursing while the placenta is still dangling about the mare's hocks. The last stage of parturition is the passing of the placenta. It is very important to monitor this stage closely, as any complication here may also be life-threatening to the mare.

Teach Your Horse to Stand While You Mount

If you've ever had a horse swing its body away from you or begin to walk off while you were trying to mount, you probably remember just how annoyed you were and how insecure you felt. If your horse moves off before you're in the saddle and ready to go, there can be several possible reasons for his action. Here are some tips to help you analyze and solve your problem.