European-American Equestrian Duel Unveiled by the EEM & EEF: The Masters Riders Cup

The United States and Europe have time and again proven their leadership on the international show jumping scene. Since the introduction of the World Team Championships in 1978, no nation other than these have been able to earn a place on the podium. In 37 World Cup finals, European and American riders have only failed […]


Congratulations to Amy Rushing and West Coast Magnum: NAAC Silver Spurs Equine Rookie of the Year Champions

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) hosts the Adequan® North American Affiliate Championships (NAAC) each year during the NRHA Futurity in Oklahoma City. The championships are for NRHA members and horses who have qualified through their respective Regional Affiliate Finals. Each final sends its eight highest placing riders, plus ties, to the Adequan® NAAC to compete for North American bragging rights.


Horses are not Antelope

How is it that horses, which have supposedly survived for thousands of years on their life-preserving, prey animal instincts, can manage to nearly kill themselves without any outside influences? We all have that uncle who is hard of hearing, and yet somehow manages to practice "selective deafness," as in they can here everyone being called to the table for dinner, but not the call to help clean up, right? Well, I think horses practice selective instinct.


Hemp Seeds Rival Soybeans in Protein Quality

By Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D. Soybean meal is the most commonly added protein source in horse feeds. However, increasing numbers of horse owners are shying away from feeding it, most commonly because of allergic reactions. Most soybeans grown in the U.S. have been genetically modified, which is a concern for many. Furthermore, it is difficult to ascertain from a feed label if the soy product has been heat-treated (necessary for inactivating trypsin inhibitor...