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Morris Staff Pick Monday

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Today we hear from teaching artist Hasani Sahlehe on his choice for Morris Staff Pick Monday. “Whenever I stroll through the galleries, I’m compelled to stop and look at Opossum Snout. This painting has it all. Lively, gestural brush strokes; outstanding command of form, contrast, sharpness, and proportion; subtle shifts in color temperature; and perhaps most importantly, it exudes emotive tension. Where are the characters headed? What have they been through? Why did they stop moving? An intimate relationship is formed when living with an artwork. What takes place is a beautiful cycle through moments of appreciation, questioning, and at times, conflict. Working at the Morris allows me to participate in this relationship with this painting.”

Image: Lyell E. Carr, Opossum Snout, Haralson County, Georgia, 1891. Oil on canvas.