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Honoring Ellis Johnson

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There was no one  quite like Ellis Johnson. In fact, there may never have been anyone quite like Ellis, unless, of course, it was Ann, the love of his life and partner in all things, including a deeply informed love of the arts and of Augusta.  Ellis¹s particular love was music, of course, but he was well versed in literature and the visual arts, as well. And he was interested in everything. He and Ann were so staunch and devoted in their support of so many of Augusta¹s educational and cultural institutions that to say that they were supporters of the arts seems to reduce the depth of their goodness and generosity. So many benefitted from their altruism and open-heartedness that theirs was a kind and level of benefaction that was almost specific to them alone.  We, that is, all Augustans, and, I daresay, a good many people elsewhere too, are diminished by their loss.