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Combining Voices Literary Competition 2021-2022 Winners

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Winners for the 2021–2022 Combining Voices Literary Competition:


FOURTH GRADE: Patrick Meyer, Norris Elementary School, “Dancing Flowers”


FIFTH GRADE: Rylan Johnson, Norris Elementary School, “Beach Day”


SIXTH GRADE: Tucker Brigham, Episcopal Day School, “The Lake”


SEVENTH GRADE: Juno Jung, Lakeside Middle School, “King of the Rust”


EIGHTH GRADE: Madi Graham, Episcopal Day School, “Let me Tell You a Story”


NINTH GRADE: Charlotte Patty, Westminster Schools of Augusta, “The Sunny South”


TENTH GRADE: Cheyenne Young, Lakeside High School, “Unfurl”


ELEVENTH GRADE: Ty Manley, Davidson Fine Arts school, “Watching and Waiting”


TWELTH GRADE: De’Ondriia Fallen, Lucy Craft Laney High School, “Untitled”

To view the complete winner’s list with their writings, CLICK HERE.